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We are a full service integrator and distributor of Sentry Corp USA for their process samplers.

 Sentry Corp is one of the leading manufacturers of sampling systems and equipment in the world today. 

 The Sentry Corp range of process samplers is very extensive and can provide sampling solutions for most process applications.

We also manufacture sampling systems to suit client specifications in India and have supplied over

1000 Sampling Systems" in India. 


A variety of NACE / Non NACE Certified Gas Samplers in Volumes of 300, 500 and 1000 ml and material of

construction in SS304, SS 316, Monel, Inconel & Hastelloy. 

All samplers can be fitted with instrumentation and sample conditioning components like Pressure Gauges,

Temperature Gauges, Flowmeters, Sight-Glass, Coalescing & Knockout Pots, Filters and Pressure Regulators.

All syste
ms are Hydro-tested at 1.5 times design pressure and leak-tested at 1000 psig. Helium Leak

Testing and Positive Material Identification is also offered as applicable.


Liquid samplers collect sample in a Borosilicate Glass Sample Bottle with a Septa.

The glass bottles come in
50, 250 
and 500 ml capacities. 

The users have a choice of a manual valve for metering the sample or a fixed volume dispensing valve for added 
safety and for high pressure systems. 

The basic liquid sampling valve can be customised to take samples from a closed loop using a aseptic pump.

have successfully integrated these sampling systems for Reactor & Tank Sampling.


We manufacture sample coolers as per Indian Refinery specifications. Our design allows for easy service of the

Cooler Coils and
hence give longer life as compared to conventional coolers designs.

We also offer ASME U Stamped Process Sample Coolers from M/s Sentry Corp USA and provide complete

Cooler Heat Load Calculations with the Sample Coolers.   


Sentry Corp USA is acknowledged as the world leader in sampling of slurry and powder.

The Isolok product range of Sentry Corp can 
be made to suit a variety of slurry and powder sampling applications.   

Please do contact us for your requirements of sampling systems. We look forward to hearing from you.

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